About us

You give us a lot and we have decided to give it back to you.

For every credit you spend – whether for fitness, group exercise or any snack in the Smoothie Bar – you get points.

How does it work? For every euro spent, you earn 1 point. In reality, it means that you come 11 times to practice and then you can use the points, for example for a coffee 🙂

CLASSIC, ECONOMY and STANDARD membership holders collect points that they can use to access the fitness centre, group lessons, and additional services,  as well as the entire range of drinks from the Smoothie bar.

PREMIUM membership holders receive 3OO points for setting up or extending their membership, as they do not collect points for fitness and group exercises. Points can be collected on the entire assortment in the Smoothie Bar and on additional services.

You can spend points on all the services and assortment in the bar offered at FitCamp. The point price list is shown at the bar. The points balance will be shown on the bill and in your account after signing in.