About us

  1. Goodwill and professionalism. Ask us anything. Our trainers are here for you.
  2. Cleanliness. Maintain cleanliness and use a towel. Sweat on the machines is not nice for anyone.
  3. Ordinance. After the exercise, return the instruments and dumbbells to their original place. They are here for everyone.
  4. Respect. Respect others during exercise, and they will also respect you.
  5. Safety. Always take care of your health and for the health of others.
  6. Ego. Leave it in front of ‘FitCamp – Get Motivated’.
  7. Personal space. Do not bother others during exercise.
  8. Noise and tactfulness. Do not throw a dumbbell on the ground unless it is necessary. In a noisy environment, it is difficult to practice.
  9. Ecology. Turn off the light in the toilet if you are the last one.
  10. Good feeling. Turn off your brain, strip yourself of stress and worries, and have fun with us.