Group lessons

In FitCamp - Get Motivated, you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer or within group exercises.


Do you want to improve your fitness? Work on body functionality? Do you like dynamic movement and physical challenges?

Try the CrossFit group in FitCamp – Get Motivated and overcome your bodies limits. CrossFit combines strength and endurance activities. Nowadays its popularity is rapidly growing. Join the CrossFit enthusiasts and wake up your body.

During the CrossFit group training you build:
  • Endurance and fitness,
  • strength,
  • Speed and agility,
  • mobility, coordination and flexibility,
  • cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.

This versatility of CrossFit is based on a comprehensive program that consists of strength and endurance exercises. CrossFit training will always surprise you with something. It will never become a boring stereotype. You will practice with Olympic dumb-bells, kettlebells either on the track or on gymnastic circles.

Do you want to start with CrossFit but you are worried that you might not be able to handle the training load? At FitCamp – Get Motivated, we will put your mind at ease. We adapt training to your current fitness and endurance.

During CrossFit group training, you improve physical fitness, forget about stress, you get positive energy and are entertained.

Crossfit INTRO

First contact with CrossFit at Fitcamp. The aim is to learn and improve basic movements (squat, dead drag, joint, press-up and others), develop general strength and other fitness skills through technically easy metabolic conditioning.

CrossFit BASIC

Developing strength with the use of a dumb-bell, kettlebells and body weight, weightlifting training techniques (power snatch, power clean), developing other fitness skills through technically easy metabolic conditioning. Creating Prerequisites for the next level: CrossFit REGULAR.


The highest level of CrossFit in FitCamp. Advanced weightlifting techniques, gymnastic features like muscle up or handstand push up and compared to other levels of more difficult workouts. Opportunity to participate in competitions along with coaches and our other athletes.