The aim of ‘FitCamp – Get Motivated’ is to create a sports complex that will be available to everyone: professionals, amateur athletes and ordinary people living a healthy lifestyle.

Diagnostics FMS

What is FMS?

  • a special diagnostics and training program based on scientific research, modified and improved for over 20 years
  • the main task of FMS diagnostics is to comprehensively evaluate the basic human movement stereotypes creating natural movement
  • The FMS system is able to immediately assess the limitations and asymmetries of movement in individual body segments, which may be the cause of reduced effectiveness with functional and conventional training and movements in normal life as well as being the cause of injuries.
  • For evaluation based on certain FMS criteria, it is possible to set content and specific training exercises to re-build proper movement and mobility, stability and strength

Why get a diagnosis?

  • Simple and fast testing
  • Creation of quality targeted training
  • Advanced overall training efficiency

Who uses FMS?

  • FMS system was included in the NHL test battery (pre-draft combined)
  • NBA and NFL players
  • Bayern Munich players and many other professionals who are preparing under the leadership of top fitness coaches