The aim of ‘FitCamp – Get Motivated’ is to create a sports complex that will be available to everyone: professionals, amateur athletes and ordinary people living a healthy lifestyle.

Rental space for events

Do you want to rent our premises for your own event? We will help you with everything

Rent premises of FitCamp – Get Motivated

  • Multifunctional pitch
  • Professional football pitch
  • athletic oval (400 m)
  • tennis courts (3)
  • volleyball sets (2)
  • playground for children
  • outdoor terrace (100 m2)
  • indoor ice area (883 m2)
  • parking, cloakrooms, showers and toilets


  • We provide complete catering.
  • We can offer catering for various occasions (wide range of meals and drinks).
  • We can prepare a customized offerering.
  • You can have your own catering.

Sports program

  • We can create a tailor-made sports program for businesses, employees, families and children.
  • We can organize tennis tournaments, a sports day or a children’s day for you.
  • We will show you sports games that promote collegiality and competitiveness.
  • You can choose a favourite sports discipline (football, tennis, volleyball, fitness, spinning, CrossFit, Thai boxing, pilates, jumping).
  • The program is provided by qualified trainers.

Wet alternative

  • If you rent only the exterior, the interior will be open to the public.
  • We will close the entire sports complex only when renting the exterior and the interior.
  • You can also rent an ice area that is covered as well as the party tent. This has to be booked in advance.

Do you want to rent sport comlex FitCamp – Get Motivated? Contact us:

Mgr. Karin Forróová
0917 935 475