The aim of ‘FitCamp – Get Motivated’ is to create a sports complex that will be available to everyone: professionals, amateur athletes and ordinary people living a healthy lifestyle.


Would you like to have a nice tan all year round?

Visit the solarium at FitCamp – Get Motivated. Check out the benefits of solar tanning.

Visiting a solarium has positive health benefits. Just follow the main principles of sunbathing.

Why is a solarium beneficial to health?

  • Significantly reduces the risk of influenza infection.
  • It suppresses depression.
  • Prevents excessive cell division.
  • Reduces the risk of breast, prostate and lung cancer.
  • Positively influences immunity and psychic.
  • You will be pleasantly relaxed..

What are the positive effects of the solarium?

Ultraviolet rays contribute to the formation of vitamin D in the human body. Vitamin D protects the body from viral diseases. It is important for bone building and fights against osteoporosis. It also helps to store calcium in bones.

What are the other positive features of vitamin D?

It supports the immune system, increases body performance, relieves depression, and assists heart and blood circulation. Ultraviolet light is also successfully used in the treatment of skin diseases.