In FitCamp - Get Motivated you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer. Our professional instructors have received high-quality fitness training and have valuable certificates from this area. Many of them have a university degree in their field. They are dedicated to various types of training and sports activities. Dont know who to choose? Choose your personal fitness trainer by specialization:

Denis Bučko


I am a graduate of a bachelor’s degree at FTVŠ UK in the field of hockey coaching. I am continuing in my master’s degree.


I focus on weight reduction and weight loss, but also on gaining muscle mass and shaping the body. In the training process, I focus on the development of fitness and coordination skills. I like to use functional exercises in the training unit and try to solve various dysfunctions and imbalances.In the past, I was actively involved in ice hockey. I completed the course of the Fitness Trainer of the 1st qualification level. In my trainings I use the knowledge gained from the courses and workshops.

0910 955 595