In FitCamp - Get Motivated you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer. Our professional instructors have received high-quality fitness training and have valuable certificates from this area. Many  of them have a university degree in their field. They are dedicated to various types of training and sports activities. Dont know who to choose? Choose your personal fitness trainer by specialization:

Eduard Pinďar


I am studying the specialization of Fitness trainer in performance and top sport in the field of training and physical education at FTVS UK (II degree).


From young ages my passion was volleyball. I was professional player- I am a master of Slovakia and I was part of the volleyball extraliga. I also love swim and martial arts. In my training I apply the experience of volleyball, Thai box and swimming. I focus on shaping the body, reducing fat, shaping problem areas, gaining muscle mass, improving strength and fitness performance, strengthening and re-mobilizing flaccid-slashed muscles, removing disbalances and badly holding the body, compensating wrong stereotypes. I provide nutrition and supplementation advice, developing training plans.

0910 955 595