In FitCamp - Get Motivated you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer. Our professional instructors have received high-quality fitness training and have valuable certificates from this area. Many of them have a university degree in their field. They are dedicated to various types of training and sports activities. Dont know who to choose? Choose your personal fitness trainer by specialization:

Martin Grísnik


I graduated from VŠB-TUO Sports Management (1st degree).


Maximum possible muscle development in a natural way, using proven training practices and sports supplementation. I have completed the First Grade Training Course in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting, and Complex Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal System Level 1.

I do not create diet menus, but I teach the basic principles of nutrition, with which you ensure not only physical performance but also health. I can help you to eliminate muscle imbalances and bad movement. As an active bodybuilder, I can help in preparing for a competition (Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness Bikinis), or just with a good looking “swimsuit” form. Training with me will be challenging but you will achieve results! 

0910 955 595