The aim of ‘FitCamp – Get Motivated’ is to create a sports complex that will be available to everyone: professionals, amateur athletes and ordinary people living a healthy lifestyle.


Do you need to relax after a busy day? Do you want to rejuvenate and get a new, positive energy?

Let the hands of professional masseurs work for you in FitCamp – Get Motivated. Treat yourself to a massage that stimulates both your body and your spirit. You will feel like you have been born again.

Classical massage:

  • Favorably influences the whole body,
  • a beneficial effect on the nervous system,
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic movement,
  • helps to overcome fatigue,
  • Induces relaxation,
  • improves metabolism and excretion.

Sports massage:

  • Helps the athlete achieve maximum performance,
  • speeds up body recovery after exercise.

The sports massage resembles a classic massage. However, the difference is in the sequence, rhythm and intensity of the massage movements.

We divide it into:

  • preparatory massage,
  • Emergency massage,
  • massage in breaks between individual exercises.