In FitCamp - Get Motivated you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer. Our professional instructors have received high-quality fitness training and have valuable certificates from this area. Many  of them have a university degree in their field. They are dedicated to various types of training and sports activities. Dont know who to choose? Choose your personal fitness trainer by specialization:

Ondrej Švantner


I have studied biathlon specialization at FTVS UK.


I specialize in CrossFit. I apply the long-term sports experience of representing the Slovak Republic in international competitions. Within CrossFit, I’m committed to weightlifting, strength training and gymnastics. I have graduated from these subjects; Weightlifting, Leadership of an Individual in Weightlifting Competition 1-3, Concurrent Athletic Preparation, Development of Speed Skills by Athletic Instruments, or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Course. I extended my knowledge so much that I can create an individual training plan. I focus on physical exercises, release of shortened muscles and strengthening of weakened muscles. I teach clients how to get rid of bad movement habits.

0910 955 595