Group lessons

In FitCamp - Get Motivated, you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer or within group exercises.


Do you care about your physical health? Care about the mental health as well. You can get the perfect harmony of body and the spirit thanks to practising yoga.

You can build the external and internal harmony with the right movements. We will teach you techniques to help you relax your mind, strengthen your body and gain positive energy.

Ashtanga Yoga is an exercise designed for everyone regardless of ability or age. It’s meditation in motion where the movement adapts to breathing.

Yoga in translation means connection. It is a union of body, spirit and mind. It detoxifies the body and improves performance. The body produces heat from the exercise and detoxifies not only the muscles but also the internal organs, improves circulation and digestion. The body becomes lighter, stronger, more flexible, our mind is quieter and more settled. This is a system of yoga that originated in the south-Indian city of Mysore. It is a traditional yoga school known for the dynamic practice and precisely defined positions. Ashtanga Yoga is a comprehensive series of consecutive positions (asanas). In each position, there is a brief hold, and then again the dynamic and physically demanding transition (vinyasa) to the next position. Asanas smoothly follow one another There is a strictly prescribed number of inhalations and exhalations to get from one asana to another.

During exercise, key attention is given to breathing. The combination of vinyasa flow with rhythmic deep breathing creates a flow of energy, heats the body, oxygenates and nourishes the organs, releases undesirable toxins, and cleanses the nervous system. The body is oxygenated up to four times compared to normal respiration. With warmth, man gains access to movements and areas that have previously been stiffened or blocked. The result is relief and a sense of lightness.