Skupinové cvičenia

Vo fitnesscentre FitCamp v Ružinove nájdete širokú paletu skupinových cvičení ako napríklad jóga, jumping, tabata či ThaiBox. Prezrite si naše možnosti, vyberie si naozaj každý.  Rozvrh skupinových cvičení. 

Strength and condition

The name is changing, the quality is growing.

Try the CrossFit group in FitCamp – Get Motivated and overcome your bodies limits. CrossFit combines strength and endurance activities. Nowadays its popularity is rapidly growing. Join the CrossFit enthusiasts and wake up your body.

You will no longer find Crossfit in our schedule. Why is that so?

We have never done a classic “table” Crossfit. Our trainers have completed various trainings and workshops and apply this knowledge and principles to training units. We develop and grow, we also get elements from training in various specific areas, e.g. DNS and therefore the term “Crossfit” is small for us.

What does this mean for our regular clients?

More or less nothing. As we have already mentioned, we only change the name, the quality remains and grows. Those of you who have already attended our Crossfit trainings – you don’t have to worry about anything, the trainings will look the same as before, there will be a great emphasis on quality and performance.

And for new clients – come and try our new group lesson!

If you’ve ever been afraid of Crossfits, injuries, too much intensity – you’ll see it’s not such a scarecrow. Each training will be tailored to your capabilities and experience. We stick to the motto – “Quality before quantity”. The basis is that you learn the correct technical execution of all exercises – from the basic ones, which you will later combine into more complex ones. Only when you master of the technique, then you can try training on time or repetitions – or you don’t have to, it’s up to you. In short – come and try our strength and fitness training!

  • Development of strength and endurance (aerobic and anaerobic);
  • Training of weightlifting techniques;
  • Basic gymnastic elements (eg. handstand);
  • Development of other forms of force (eg explosive);
  • Development of endurance at the level of aerobic and anaerobic performance;
  • Various organizational forms of exercise (eg circle training).
Coaches: Tibor and Berenika